Lenticular Posters

A4, A3, A2, A2+, A1, A0 all the way
Adshel 6 sheet size, including bespoke sizes

  • Super Deep Holographic 3D Rigid Material Available
  • Standard 3D, Flip and Animation
  • Backlit or Standard
  • Digital and Litho (Size dependent)

Ideal for advertising, Exhibition displays, Museums etc...

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Large format 3D lenticulars for window displays

Adidas Predator 2012 Global Launch Campaign

1.8M x 1.2 large format lenticular window displays and handouts featuring both 3D, motion parallax and animation. Created from the ground up using motion control cameras, green screen and CGI.

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Lenticular Product 3D Packaging

BluRay, DVD, PS4, Xbox
O-Ring Slip Covers and many more!

  • Packaging Design
  • Lenticular hologram Design
  • Complete UK Manufacturing Service

Boost your sales with eye
catching and collectable designs!

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Full Retail Solutions

Window displays and
instore promotional solutions

  • Window Displays
  • Counter displays
  • Hand Outs
  • Headers and Posters
  • Strut cards, shelf barkers and Wobblers
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Victoria Station Upgrade Project

Commissioned by Transport for London, Tribal 3D provided a number of amazing holograms featuring multiple channels displaying both below and above ground level.

See it for yourself at the London Transport museum...

Transport for london ® Transport for London


3D Lenticular and Holographic UK specialist - Imaging, Creation, Printing, Display & Projection!

Welcome to Tribal 3D!

Tribal 3D provide a variety of cutting edge glasses free 3D holographic & lenticular print solutions to meet your needs. Whether you're an Architect, Engineer or a Marketing Agency looking to wow your clients with stunning visualiztions, Tribal 3D will provide you with a unique and compelling viewing experience like you've never seen before. Images pop right off the page!

Tribal 3D products and services include:
What can we do for you?

3D Lenticular Print Creation

Content creation for 3D Holograms, Projection & Lenticulars:
Let us use our expertise and create amazing imagery for you!

What ever your project or campaign is Tribal 3D is happy to do as much or as little of the design as required. We frequently work with creative agencies giving creative-direction, creating content and advising on use and installation. If you want stunning results let Tribal 3D create your content..

Services include:

  • Creative design, strategy & planning
  • 2D to 3D conversion & animation for Lenticular printing
  • 3D Motion parallax photography facilitated by ourselves or within your shoot
  • Graphic design, illustration, CGI, & video production
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Lenticular Printing - Small format - UV Litho

High volume UV Litho & Digital Lenticular Printing:
Breath life into them dull prints!

Using direct to lens UV digital and offset print technology Tribal 3D can process both small and large runs without any fuss. Paired with our in house design service Tribal 3D can take care of the whole process from start to finish giving you a one stop solution. Sizes range from a humble postcard to 6 sheet and billboard sizes and all are suitable for outdoor promotion as well as indoor.

Some of the key features include:

  • 3D (2D to 3D conversion available), animation, flip, morph & zoom effects
  • A6 to Billboard size
  • Die Cutting, O-ring DVD/Bluray packaging etc...
  • Print finishing including print both sides, various backings including adhesives etc...
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Lenticular Printing - Large format

Large format autostereoscopic 3D Prints:
Create breathtaking advertisements that mesmerize your customers!

In this modern age of print and digital media saturating the market, grabbing the attention of your customer is becoming increasingly difficult. Using our show stopping glasses free 3D colour prints often mistaken for holograms, your adverts can incorporate 3D or animation using up to 36 frames/viewpoints. Ideal for displaying stunning 3D in large open areas (POS, shop windows, shopping centres, museums, or transportation etc). The only limit is your imagination!

Some of the key features include:

  • Far surpasses mainstream lenticular printing
  • < 36 viewpoints or frames
  • 3D (2D to 3D conversion available), animation, flip, morph & zoom effects
  • A2 to Billboard size
  • Backlit or Non-backlit
  • Outdoor promotion as well as indoor
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Holographic Printing

Real full parallax digital holograms:
A picture paints a thousand words, now imagine what a hologram can do!

These stunning true digital colour display holograms are printed direct from your designs, accurate in every detail and easy to transport and store. Clients impressed by this technology will be able to view designs a whole 360 degrees enabling you to effectively communicate and sell your ideas in a visual way understood by anyone. Perfect for Architects, Engineers, product promotion, artists and many more...

Some of the key features include:

  • True Holographic 3D without the glasses
  • 360 degree viewing & full colour
  • Illuminated with a simple spot light!
  • Include channeling/design phasing
  • Created direct from your 3D data sources
  • Portable, waterproof and durable
  • Multiple copies available for key partners, investors and clients etc...
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Holographic Projection

Holographic projection & Displays:
Imagine being able to visualise your designs in full holographic 3D

Holographic projection does not just have to be the domain of the large music concert or stage show. Tribal 3D can supply all you need including content for your product launch, retail outlet, exhibition or museum etc and tailored for most budgets. This stunning technology, ideal for pulling the crowds can also feature touch screen interface for interaction.

Some of the key features include:

  • As close as you can get to the hollywood depiction of a hologram
  • Free standing or utilizing existing windows
  • Change your content when ever you like
  • Optional interactive touch surface
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How it works

Just a hand full of easy steps...

  1. Choose holographic and lenticular print options including data format, color, size, and lighting options.
  2. Contact us for a quote, and send us your data via email, post, or our FTP site.
  3. We design your advert according to your brief and facilitate or attend photo shoots where necessary.
  4. Review and approve your print/advert.
  5. We'll image and ship your print usually within 10 days after your approval.

Contact us for more information about our products and services.

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For more info, call us now!
Mon-Fri 9.00am - 5.30pm

0113 8703001

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Tom Clancys Division
Designed and manufactured for PS4 and XboxOne featuring HD 3D Lenticular front and fully printed slipcover


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Far Cry Primal
Designed and manufactured for PS4 and XboxOne featuring HD 3D Lenticular front and fully printed slipcover


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Street Fighter V
2D to 3D conversion


12 June 2012 | 0 comments
Hybrid Lenticular print
Tribal introduce hybrid
lenticulars to it's range of
holographic printing. Featuring not only fantastic 3D far deeper than mainstream lenticulars but animation too! Ideally suited for the retail and advertising industry. More info...

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This holographic technology puts you light years ahead of the competition not only selling concepts but highlighting potential problems before they occur saving time and money. Michael Mahoney (Senior Engineer) - Grontmij.

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